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WBagby45 wbagby45 at aol.com
Sat Dec 1 06:03:26 MST 2007

I think they are a small company that demand for the product has overwhelmed?  I had a similar experience, but the quality was worth the wait.


In a message dated 12/01/07 07:49:53 Eastern Standard Time, mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net writes:
My first order with Macgregor rubber parts isn't going very well.  I was 
expecting my order a week and a half ago so decided to call for a tracking 
number yesterday.   My order hadn't even been shipped yet. 

For those who have dealt with  M R before are they always so slow and is their 
PR on letting customers know whats going on so poor? 

Maybe they're going through some growing pains here or something.  I assume 
these folks are dependable and trust worthy. 

My concern is that they have my money and my parts.  I almost just cancelled 
my order when they said it hadn't been sent yet.  I suppose I'll just hang 
tight and see if the quality is worth waiting for as the list has  pointed out 
in the past. 

This has been a different experience than working with Moss who usually lets 
me know parts availability, ship times, tracking number, 
etc. rather than keeping me in suspense for this long. 

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