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[Shop-talk] Holy m#therf*cking ChrI$t HOW TO GET A TRAILER ONTO THE HITC

Subject: [Shop-talk] Holy m#therf*cking ChrI$t HOW TO GET A TRAILER ONTO THE HITCH
From: Scott Hall <>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2018 20:49:09 -0500
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Need a little help, fellas, before I attack this thing with a sledge.

New H-F trailer. Requires a 1 7/8" ball.

I get a 1 7/8" ball. Test fit the ball into the hitch receiver before 
installing on hitch.

Now it's all put together and the F*C(ING THING WON'T GO ON.

It's behaving as if:

1) the ball is too big (it isn't, everything is 1 7/8")

2) the latch is in the closed position (it's up)

3) there's something inside the ball receiver (there's not--I've checked 
1,000,000,000 times).

The receiver is just sitting on top of the ball and won't drop over it.

Is there a trick I don't know about, or can I beat the ever living hell 
out of this thing (because that's exactly what I'd like to do right now).

Everything here is new, clean, etc. I've hooked up trailers before. I 
have no idea what the hell's going on here.

Send help.

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