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Re: [Shop-talk] Helicoil for plastic?

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Helicoil for plastic?
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 11:41:43 -0400
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On 9/20/2018 9:55 AM, Scott Hall wrote:
> Background: all the sink and shower faucets in the house are an 
> unidentifiable manufacturer. The house was sitting long enough that 
> they're all "sticky"--don't want to operate. They pull "up and down" 
> or "in and out" to control water flow, then rotate to control 
> temperature, not the "ball" type that pivot up to control flow, then 
> swivel. I've never seen the kind I have before.
> They're all sticky (don't want to turn on/off), but the worst is the 
> bathroom shower I'm using. I've pulled out the control knob several 
> times. It is fastened to the control valve with a stainless screw into 
> what looks like the phenolic valve. I suspect that I'm destroying the 
> screw threads in the valve each time this happens.
> My initial plan was to cut into the wall behind the valve and just 
> replace the entire assembly. Advantage: I know how to do that. 
> Disadvantage: yet another distraction.
> However, maybe I can use a threaded insert to hold this handle into 
> the valve for now. Googling "plastic helicoil" doesn't help much and I 
> don't think I know the right vocabulary. Anyone have a suggestion for 
> keeping this handle stuck to its valve and functioning as a shower for 
> six months or so until its associated bathroom gets gutted anyway?
I'd use a rigid thread repair, like TimeSert, over Helicoil because of 
the plastic.  Another option is to use epoxy thread repair.  You coat 
the screw with a release agent and then epoxy. P{ut the epoxy coated 
screw in all the way without the handle.  Auto stores sell kits or use 
cooking spray for the release agent and JB Weld.  Worse case, you have 
to go back and drill it out and add a TimeSert.

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