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[Shop-talk] Garden hose reel/caddy

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Garden hose reel/caddy
From: Darrell Walker <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:53:49 -0700
(Shop talk content:  I use this hose to wash my cars)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a garden hose reel/caddy that might last
more than a couple of years?  They all start to leak around the connection
that lets the reel turn while still supplying water.  Ibve been by the big
box stores, and they appear to be more cheaply made every year.  It seems like
the reel ought to last as long as the hose, this hose is going on 20 years,
but it is the third reel.  They are always drained before it freezes, so that
isnbt it.


Darrell Walker
66 TR4A IRS-SC CTC67956L
81 TR8 SATPZ458XBA406206
Vancouver, WA, USA

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