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Re: [Shop-talk] Garage Door Screen

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Garage Door Screen
From: Texmog <>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 09:41:47 -0500
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I have the one from HF.  Basically cloth screen hooks to header and Velcro to
the sides with weight on base.   Works well but I only use it a a few weeks a
year between heating and a/c seasons.

I would not expect it to last much more than a year if used daily.


On May 21, 2013, at 7:35 AM, Wayne <> wrote:

> Hey Guys -- have a slightly weird question. Does anyone know of a screen or
similar cover for an overhead garage door?
> I like leaving my door up during the day, just for ventilation and heat.
It's a basement, partially sub-grade, style and gets damp and chilly
otherwise. If I'm working, the outside light, fresh air, spaciousness, etc are
> But, birds flying in and crapping or nesting on stuff, bugs, other pests,
etc, make it impractical. Just like an un-screened open window in the house
would. Anyone know of commercial products like an overhead pull-down screening
system or something?
> -Thanks, Wayne
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