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Re: [Shop-talk] Easier EE question

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Easier EE question
From: Pat Horne <>
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 15:01:57 -0500
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I agree, try a different breaker first. If you have a breaker of the 
same size (rating) in the breaker box, just steal it to check.

There shouldn't be too much in electrics in the bed, so it is worth a 
shot. I suspect a timer, some fluorescent tubes with their ballasts and 
possibly some safety interlock switches.

After the breaker I'd try disconnecting the ballasts from the input 
feed. There may be a plug in relay in the control box that can be 
unplugged to do this.  If it still blows the breaker look a problem with 
the timer or input wiring.

I the breaker holds, start connecting the ballasts one by one until the 
breaker trips. Leave the last added ballast disconnected and try 
connecting the rest one by one until you have all of them connected that 
don't cause the breaker to trip.

At this point disconnect the output of the possibly defective ballast, 
then connect the input of the ballast and see if the breaker trips. If 
it trips you probably have a bad ballast. If it doesn't check the wiring 
between the ballast and the lights.

We can take this off list if you like, just email me.


Thusly spake eric

> OK, Since I'm out of luck for my other EE question, let me try an easier
> one.  Note, not much shop content, but it does allow me to use tools, and
> it makes the SO happy.
> Anyway, I got a tanning bad for the SO.  She only uses it to relax her
> muscles since her car accident.  But here is the problem...
> The machine worked fine for a while (I got it used*)  But now, when she
> starts it up, it trips the breaker.  I called the company and the breaker
> size (and wiring) I ran was for the correct size (I think it was a 10%
> over max rating.)
> And since the machine worked fine for a while, what could be causing the
> extra current draw?  (and more importantly, how do I find it?)
> Do I just try another breaker first?  is there a way to measure it?
> Thanks.
> *= I got this unit used from someone who had it.  They got rid of it
> because it 'sparked and made  a loud noise.'  When I got it home, turns
> out that one of the connectors had shorted.  I fixed the connector and
> have been using it since.
> Thanks again
> Eric P
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