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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 22:52:52 -0800
<<<Subject: [Shop-talk] 35mm slide scanner?
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Interesting.  One of my projects in the years I worked at the U of U was to
get a box working with our computers, a box that took a digital image and
put it on film, slides or Polaroids.

Now I'm interested in going the other way.  I have a bunch of slides from my
previous life as a an avid skier, climber and general man about the
mountains.  I'm planning to write up some of my adventures and would like
pictures to go along with them, taken from the collection of old slides.

I know there are slide scanners out there, anyone have any experience with
such beasts?


Hey, I designed one of those way back when.  At General Parametrics.  It was
a really fun project.  Electronics, color wheels, 12kV, densitometers to set
up the film tables, mechanical gizmos, optics, programming.

I totally recommend using a pro scanning shop. is good. 
They also have a section on their site with tips on doing it yourself, but
they are slanting it towards saying it pays to have them to it (duh).

Mark M.  
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