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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] UPDATE: HF Tire Changer
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 09:26:51 -0800
> The
> first thing I learned is the the instructions were really, really bad,

You got instructions?  I didn't.

>  The bead
> breaker forces the tire down a bit, then slips right off 
> without breaking the bead. 

My HF unit has several adjustment holes for the bead breaker arm, to suit
tire & wheel diameter & width.  With the correct adjustment, leaning on the
bar applies force not only downwards but also towards the center of the
wheel, to keep the breaker from slipping off.  Note that there is also a
bump on the foot of the changer, that the wheel should hook over (so the
wheel doesn't slip).

I don't recall the details offhand, but ISTR I had to add an adjustment hole
to suit my 15 x 6 Triumph rims.  Also added a stiffening brace between the
arms.  With the modifications, mine never slips off (though I do sometimes
have trouble with the bead breaker slipping down between the bead & rim).
However, with really stubborn tires, I have found it necessary to stick a
pry bar in before rotating the tire, to hold the broken portion of the bead
away from the rim.  That's another point, you can't always break the bead
completely in one go, sometimes you have to work your way around the rim
moving it down just a little bit at a time.

> and go shopping for a good deal on removing the tires.

FWIW, the local Wal-Mart did it for free, once.  But when I went back with
the other pair of rims, they refused to do them at all.  I guess I should
have asked for the name of the first mechanic!

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