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How did the Pro get it off?


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Subject: [Shop-talk] Removing a dove tail sight from a rifle...the follow-up

My thanks to all who contributed ideas. Let me summarize the good advice I

1)    Check to see if the sight has a taper..I had overlooked this
possibility...when I check I found that the groove was not tapered but the
sight WAS. This meant that it only came out one way.

2)    Shoot the gun and warm the barrel...since the range is about a mile
from my work bench this wasn't practical but I did have an electric heat gun
which accomplished the same thing.

3)    Use Kroil

4)    Alternate between heating and leaving it in the freezer overnight.

5)    More Kroil

6)    More heat

7)    Hit it a few time

8)    More Kroil

9)    More heat

10)                      Etc..etc..

Someone else suggested CRC's "Freeze Off" which is a penetrant that supper
cools the part...

So after about 5 days of following this ritual it was ready to give it my
best shot..

I heated the barrel from the bottom..I hit the sight with Freeze Off and put
the brass punch of the proper side of the sight and gave it a mighty whack!
Nothing...I gave it another spray and gave it a mightier whack...still
nothing ..I tied once more with the same result.

So I decided I didn't want to screw it up so I took it out of the vice and
headed to the gunsmith at Gander Mtn. Two minutes and $20 later the sight
was out.

The moral to the story? Sometimes you can do all the proper things and they
don't work and that is when it is time to bite the bullet (pun intended) and
turn the job over to the "pros" (especially before you really screw things
up beyond repair...)

I am sure all the things I did probably made it easier for him, but it is
often knowing just where to hit and how hard, based on years of experience.

Thanks to all

Gerry Brazil
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