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[Shop-talk] Fuel system deposits

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Fuel system deposits
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 16:02:49 -0400
I have a boat that has been having fuel system problems.  I have been 
finding black flakes in the carburetor bowl.  The screen at the carb 
inlet seems to have develop a black coating.  The pieces look like 
carbon paper.  The question is, where is this coming from?  The 
pieces in the bowl seem way too big to have ever made it through the 
fuel filter and the screen.  And the deposits on the screen look like 
they formed there, not like little bits that just got trapped 
there.  I live in NY, where fuel is oxygenated, usually 10% 
alcohol.  The boat is a 1993 model.  Manual warns against alcohol in 
fuel, but without a time machine, there's not much I can do about 
that.  I suppose the hoses or fuel pump diaphragm could be 
deteriorating.  I've never seen deposits form like that, and I can't 
see how else such large flakes got there.  BTW, fuel tank is white 
plastic, and the engine is a 5.0l Ford with a Holley carb.  Any 
theories?  I wish I could send some of these flakes off to the CSI 
lab.  Thanks.

-Steve Trovato
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