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Subject: [Shop-talk] Electronic bug killer
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 19:16:36 -0500
I have 2 old electronic bug killers - same model.  I recently brought them out
of storage - one worked and one had died before putting them away.  The
working one was fine for a few days and then it died too.

The one that was working now seems to have a shorted step-up transformer,
because I only get 180 VAC across the high side (disconnected from the grids)
and there's almost no power to make a spark.  I believe these things normally
put out a few thousand volts.  I haven't checked the other one - I just put it
back away when this one worked.

Simple circuit - one side of the transformer gets 110V, the other side goes to
the grids.  No protection from shorts (like if it rains or a big bug gets in
there, etc.  The grids aren't shorted now, but certainly when it rains they
can get shorted.  Each one has served a few years outside, and lived through
rain many times before.

No ID on the transformer except 3 groups of 4 digits that don't looke like any
specs - I think they're just part numbers.  No manufacturer, no ratio,
voltage, etc. and no clue in the numbers.

Suggestions for repair ??  Suggestions for a protection circuit to keep from
burning out the next ones ??

Thanks !

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