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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] 220 outlets
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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:59:02 -0500
David Scheidt
> There are 30 amp 120V plugs and receptacles, and 50A 120V plugs
> and receptacles. (They're NEMA 5-30P, 5-30R and 5-50P, 5-50R if
> you want to google for pics.)
> I've never actually seen one in use.  The electrical supply place
> has them, though, so someone must use them.

I have several of the 30 amp circuits here in the computer lab.  The UPS
and power distribution units for the computer racks plug into the 30 amp
twist lock outlets.  They are actually quite common; you just don't see
them in a typical home.

Never seen the 50 amp circuits in use however, but they would be handy.
In one computer rack, I had to use two separate 30 amp circuits to get
enough power for the equipment - a single 50 amp circuit would have done
just fine.  Usually the high current circuits get split into separate
circuits in the power distribution unit - that way you get lots of
outlets the each pull a bit of current.  You need lots of outlets when
you mount 30 dual power supply servers in a single rack

But usually when you need large amounts of power (amps) you use 220 volt
or other) circuits and use 220 volt power supplies (that require half
the amps) in the servers...

Tim Mullen

Chantilly, VA
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