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Re: Sand Blast Nozzle Size

Subject: Re: Sand Blast Nozzle Size
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 19:07:08 -0400
On 5/24/05, Patton Dickson <> wrote:

> I have a HF Blast Cabinet that I am using with my 6HP Campbell
> Hausfeld Air Compressor.  This is one of the cheaper compressors, so
> even though it works, I'm giving it quite a workout when using the
> cabinet.

As Patton pointed out: 

"I've found the most critical thing when blasting is moisture in the
air.  Keep the air dry and the media will work."

He's very right.  It doesn't take much to clog the pick up and or the 
gun.  I'm constantly having to clean my pick up tube, suction line and 
the gun.  Sometimes you can put your thumb over the nozzel and press the
trigger to blow air out the pick tube.  Other times you need to take it

You also need to agitage the sand some.  I end up shacking my cabinet or
pressure blaster to agitage the sand.

TP tools has a special pickup tube - I believe it's supposed to agitate the 
sand a little:

You might want to check out my article on media blasting on my Morgan web


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