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RE: sand

To: <>
Subject: RE: sand
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 07:10:19 -0700
> Play sand has the same silica content.  Silicosis is a biological
> response to it.  The danger, and overblown fear of it, was my point of
> repeatedly pointing out that the same exposure happens when visiting the
> beach.

Except that it doesn't, since beach sand does not contain the sharp
microscopic particles that are dangerous ... until you go shooting it out of
a blast gun and fracturing it.

Kinda like the difference between suspended coal dust and those briquettes
you barbecue with ... one will explode and the other won't ... in spite of
what some people try to tell you, size really does matter !

Granted, only about 400 people die every year from silicosis in the US.
That means statistically, your odds are pretty good of surviving with your
diminished lung capacity ... you can be one of those people you see walking
around on the end of an oxygen tube.

Personally, I'd rather go some other way ... shot by a jealous husband at
the age of 105 sounds about right <g>


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