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Re: Blasting Sand

To: <>
Subject: Re: Blasting Sand
From: "Nolan Penney" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 05:51:53 -0400
Rain will kill you if you stare up at it enough to drown yourself.  This
is the same sand that is on the beaches, and just as deadly, or safe,
depending on your perspective.  

The issue is lung function, silicosis, and perhaps cancer.  Has to do
with the small particles getting down deep into the lung tissue and
damaging the alveoli.

With just a touch of care, the danger is avoided.  An external air
supply takes care of the entire problem.

>>... I  have avoided sand for blasting because
>>of something I read years ago about the dust being deadly.

>I've been using sand for years.  And yes, you have to be very carful
of it
>as it WILL kill you.

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