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Re: Blasting Sand

To: Bob Nogueira <>
Subject: Re: Blasting Sand
From: Dave & Marlene <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:18:59 -0600
Hi Bob,

The test worked. Not much action on this list lately.
I buy 100 pound bags of 70 mesh blasting sand from my local stone supply
store. Don't know if the Home Depot stuff is the grit size that you
want. 70 works well for me.

Dave Russell

Bob Nogueira wrote:
 > I was talking to a friend over the weekend who says he uses bagged
 > sand from Home Depot for sand blasting. I  have avoided sand for
 > blasting because of something I read years ago about the dust being
 > deadly. Now that I have a fresh air mask ( the kind with the remote
 > air pump) is there any downside to using sand rather that the
 > "buckets of bucks for a bucket of blasting media" that I have been
 > using ?
 > Bob PS this is also a test, I haven't seen a posting since 7/16/04

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