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Re: Request for advice!

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Subject: Re: Request for advice!
From: "Arvid Jedlicka" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 22:39:05 -0500
I have two of them, with different grease in each one. They both seem to
work fine. On occasion, especially when I replace a cartridge, they will
take a while to work. But I've had the same problems with a hand
driven grease gun so I thnk it is a characteristic of that type of design.

The causes seem to be:

(a) the spring loaded piston did not go into the bottom of the cartridge
and therefore the grease in the tube is not pushed into the high pressure
area. Messing with the "plunger puller", etc. seems to incent the piston
to do the right thing.

(b) it seems to be "air bound" at the top of the cartridge where the tube
screws into the handle. I'll loosen the tube enough so the air escapes and
grease starts to ooze out around the threads. This also seems to incent the
piston to go into the cartridge. If the piston doesn't go in, then it will
not force the air and grease out the top so that's a clue to go back to (a)

(c) On occasion it just seem to be taking the day off. Holding it upside
down and tapping the handle part on the floor seems to give the grease
a hint as to which way it should ooze - i.e. towards the handle.

(d) Its Minnesota, its winter, there's no heat in the garage, the term ooze
does not apply.

> Tool Gurus,
> I have one of those Northern Tool air powered cartridge grease guns, and I
> am having problems getting any grease out of it! The cartridge is 2/3s
> it acts like it is working, but no grease flows???
> Does anyone on the list have one of these grease guns and has anyone had
> similar problems?
> How did you solve the problem?
> Does anyone have a similar grease gun from some other source that works
> satisfactorily?
> Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!
> Jim Bauder
> '58 TR3
> (soon) '68 TR250
> Scottsdale, AZ

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