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Gate openrs

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Subject: Gate openrs
From: "Bob Nogueira" <nogera@Prodigy.Net>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:51:00 -0600
Need to run an idea by you and see if it flies;

About two years ago I installed a gate on my driveway. Its a slider with a
metal track that crosses  over the drive and metal wheels on the gate. It has
a 16 foot opening.
The electric openers for this type of gate use a chain attached to both ends
of the gate and a drive motor with a sprocket that sits inside the gate. When
the sprocket is turned via the motor. it pulls the chain and opens or closes
the gate depending on which direction the motor is running  The problem is
these opener are rather pricey at 800 to 1200 dollars.

While at Sam's last week I saw a electric garage door opener (1/2 hp) on sale
for 135.00.
The thing that caught my attention was that it was a chain operated opener.
The wheels started turning and what I've come up with is the idea of buying
the opener and building a case which would allow me to convert it to open the
gate.  I'd have to mount it vertically and install a couple of idler
1. What I'm not sure of is how these chain driven garage door openers know
when to stop or how they reverse ( does the chain simply loop thus the motor
always runs in one direction or does the chain and motor actually reverse
2. Are the chains used in this type application standard chains or one of a
kind ?
3. How do chain openers deal with disconnecting the door from the opener for
manual operation?
As always thanks for any advise .
Bob Nogueira

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