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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 07:39:04 -0700
Don, typically any bank will do that.  The seller takes his title to his
bank, with instructions to release it when the bank gets good funds from
the buyer.

Larry Hoy

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> I have an interesting situation developing here and I'd 
> appreciate some advice, please. As a favor, I took on the 
> responsibility of selling a car located here in California 
> for the owner in Florida. Now here's what I'm concerned 
> about; The car owner doesn't want to just turn over the title 
> to me, they want me to find an escrow type business for cars 
> that would hold the title and payment and deliver each to the 
> appropriate parties when the deal is finalized. My question 
> is: is this the norm anywhere, because I've never heard of it 
> before and if it is done can anyone recommend a company in 
> Los Angeles (Calabasas) area that does it. TIA.
> Don Tiana
> Topanga Cyn., CA.
> 818.591.3008
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