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Re: Was lights now wire size

Subject: Re: Was lights now wire size
From: "J. Juhas" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 15:11:56 -0500
FWIW, a Lincoln "tombstone" welder wants 50 amps, I think a Lincoln TOG 175 
about the same, and my new HTP Inverter Tog only asks for 25A on a 240v line.  
welders are all over the lot.  I run an oven for powder coating on a 30A line
(oven only, including the self cleaning feature) where normally a stove is on a
50A line.  And my 5hp compressor (a real 5hp) runs on a 20A line.

I guess it depends on what your aspirations are.

Jim wrote:

> Still working on planing on finishing the garage.  A second question if you
> don't mind.  While I am running wire and before I put up drywall I am
> thinking I would like to run (2) 240 volt circuits while the walls are open
> thinking that someday I might purchase some kind of toys that would need 240
> (air comp, welder, ?????).  Since I don't know the amp requirement of this
> future purchase I am unsure as to what gauge wire to run.  # 10 for 30 amp,
> #8 for 40 amp seem to be the ballpark I would need.  Any thoughts on this one?
> Thanks again,
> Marty Sukey

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