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Re: [spam score 9/10 -pobox] Light question

Subject: Re: [spam score 9/10 -pobox] Light question
From: Shannah Miller <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 11:02:04 -0800 wrote:
> I am planning out the interior finishing of my 32 x 32 garage, 10' ceiling.  
> It will be used for working on cars.  My thought right now is to install high 
> intensity 8' florescent lights.  I am trying to decide whether I need two 
> rows or three.  If three rows will be overkill I don't want to waste the 
> money.  Any suggestions?
Is it the original installation money you're interested
in saving, or is it money on your power bill?

If it's original installation money, one option would
be to put in 2 rows, but space them so that a third
row could be sensibly installed with a minimum of
effort.  Then you could use task lighting, as Jimmie
suggested.  If 2 rows work, great.

If it's money on the power bill, each row of lights
could have its own switch, and you could just switch
on the ones you want.

I'm with Jimmie, though, about the shadows.  It's
very difficult for me to work on a project, like,
say, a carb, if I can't see the fine details of what
I'm working on due to shadows.  Having to keep moving
task lighting and peer at my work is really tiring.

There are some situations where task lighting is
unavoidable, in my opinion, but I like to minimize
those by having great ambient light.


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