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Re: more polishing compound

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Subject: Re: more polishing compound
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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 08:19:45 -0600
I use a cleaner wax like Turtle wax to get the black off... but lets go back
to the beginning here...

First. I sand... if it's really rough I'll start with aggressive paper like
320... to get it smooth... then work up to 600 and ultimately maybe go to

Then it goes to the buffing wheel's.... a sewn cloth then a open loose cloth

little white compound and your in like Flynn...

Only problem.... make sure you don't let it catch an edge... always buff
Away from the edges... never into them or it will snatch it out of your hand
and Break your pretty little part and heart!!!

Keith Turk ( )
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> --- Scott Hall wrote:
> > I have a mirror surface with tiny black specs embedded in it...
> I'm looking forward to reading what the experts say on this. I've been
> told that you use ultra-fine wet-and-dry sandpaper with lots of water.
> Never been able to bring myself to do it though.

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