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Machinery Pics

Subject: Machinery Pics
From: "Mark J. Andy" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 18:08:55 -0500 (EST)

So, pictures of the 'new' lathe & drillpress can be found at: &

If you're interested in just the overall machines, check out:

The lathe in particular is kinda neat.  Its a South Bend 9" Workshop C
model.  The serial number is 86343, and the south bend website says this
about 'em: "The earliest records show that lathes were numbered
sequentially, beginning with 700, in July, 1910, and ending with 186,514
March, 1947."  It was made after 1935, because thats when the 9" Workshop
lathe came out.

Still, kinda neat that I have a tool older than my dad.  :-)

Its also got the 4.5' bed, which is supposedly pretty rare.  I dunno if
that's "rare, but anyone can find one if they want one" or "rare, and if
you have one I'll give you a million dollars".  I kinda suspect the
former.  :-)  4.5' is definately _way_ more than I'll need for anything I
can conceive of needing to do.

Its in pretty decent shape overall.  Everything seems really tight, etc.
I need to find a set of gears ('change wheels') for it to run other feed
rates.  I'm also probably gonna replace the weird segmented belt with just
a regular automotive V belt that's a bit shorter (the current belt is
still a touch loose and I'm at the end of the motor position adjustment).

I'd also like to mount the drive unit on the wall above the lathe.  This
would let me get it closer to the wall and not have it sticking out like
it currently is.  I'm a bit worried about setting belt tensions and such
with that arrangement though.  Right now gravity helps to keep the motor
pedestal leaning back, though the real adjustment is that rod that levers
into an overcenter arrangement...

Anyway, just thought folks might think it was cool.  I'm kinda pumped that
this is a vintage tool type thing that I can actually use.  :-)  I'm still
just learning about the South Bend lathes (and pretty much lathe use in
general, though I've done some work in the past with one), so please feel
free to offer up advice on essential bits to have, common modifications,


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