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To HVLP or not to HVLP

To: "" <>
Subject: To HVLP or not to HVLP
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 10:36:13 -0700
Well, I've got five vehicles to paint in the next couple of years and am
trying to make a decision on what system to invest in. 

I have a top quality standard gun and good technique with it after doing
three cars over the years, but I am considering "upgrading."  At over
$150/gal for auto finish systems I'm concerned that I am wasting about
1/3 of the paint on over spray.

I am looking at HVLP systems from TIP and Accuspray that are turbine
based, as well as upgrading my compressor and buying an HVLP gun.  The
costs are similar.  I will most likely rent time in a spray booth and
bring my own equipment.

I welcome your comments and recommendations.  

Stuart MacMillan

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