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RE: Anti-Freeze toxicity

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Subject: RE: Anti-Freeze toxicity
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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 22:33:25 -0400
Yes, folks, that's right...the actual lethal dose for Ethylene glycol is 2cc
/ kg of body weight for animals and peoples:
1 teaspoon is 5 cc
1 tablespoon is 15 cc.
2 tablespoons is 30 cc is 1 ounce.
1 kg is 2.2 pounds,   so....

22 pound dog (or cat[!], or child) weighs 10 kg;
2cc/kg * 10 kg = 20cc lethal dose
20 cc is 4 teaspoons, or 1 and 1/3 tablespoons of 100% antifreeze.

Of course, we're all running 33% to 50% dilutions, so multiply above by 3 or
2.  Now, go measure out 2 ounces of some colored liquid and pour it on your
driveway and see how little it is...

I don't know all the details about the toxicity of propylene glycol (the
ingredient in the new antifreze), but the MSDS (Material Safety and Data
Sheet) notes an LD50 (the Lethal Dose for 50% of) rats as 20 g/kg.  with a
specific gravity of 1.04, that's just about 19.1cc/ kg
...still roughly 10 times less toxic (you'd need to drink 10 times more for
the same effect).  I don't have any experience with the propylene glycol
personally, but will post if I find out more.

for all you budding chemists, consider these other numbers:

methyl alcohol toxic dose: 1cc/kg
ethylene glycol: 2cc/kg
isopropyl alcohol ("rubbing"): 1-3 cc/kg

all pretty toxic stuff.  Common booze contains ethyl alcohol...a close
cousin to all of the above...anyone want a beer?

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OK,'s a little off-topic...

If you are changing antifreeze, please consider the newer types that
are much less poisonous than they have been.  They usually have names
like Lo-Tox or No-Tox or something along that line.

If your vehicle develops a leak and makes a small puddle, it can
easily kill a pet.  It only takes a couple of teaspoonfuls to kill
a dog or cat.  The vet says they are attracted to it because it
tastes "sweet" (I don't know how ANYONE knows what a cat "thinks"!!).


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