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Dust collection set ups

Subject: Dust collection set ups
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:00:02 -0400
Lee asks if anyone ever plumbed a dust collector set up wrong.

I raise my hand.  (BUT IT WASN'T MY FAULT) 8>)

Seriously, at my last shop, it was a concrete block building.  I had
already installed glass block in every window.  When I needed to run the
exhaust for the dust collector, I needed to get a big pipe outside.
Instead of going though the block, I ran the collector UP to the second
floor and went out the wooden part (just below the roof)
While this worked, OK, I lost LOTS of suction from having to overcome
gravity over 20' (it was a TALL building).  Lucky, my buddy was able to
hook me up with a commercial dust collector that was WAY over rated for the
task.  So that made up for the lost.  In the new building, I'm not going to
be going up that high.  Hopefully, the dust collector will work KILLER now!
(that's why I want to replace the windows before I hook it up, so the
windows don't IMPLODE!) 9>)


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