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RE: Shed Floor Covering

Subject: RE: Shed Floor Covering
From: Lee Hart <LeeHart@LeeHart.Com>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 05:26:15 -0000
Tim Hoerning wrote:
>We've been building a small (10x10) shed this summer.  <...>
>The floor surface is 3/4" plywood.
>The main purpose of the shed is for storing motorcycles,

Consider used carpet (scraps from a remodel or the old 
carpet that was pulled out). It should be free, and you 
should have little trouble getting more than you need; 
you could roll up the unused portion to use whould you 
ruin the piece on the floor.

I'm reasonably likely to use something similar in my shop, 
at least where I park my motorcycles. If I can get a good 
indoor/outdoor carpet, I may do the entire shop. I haven't 
decided if I would get new carpet padding.


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