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Window Alternatives

Subject: Window Alternatives
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 10:39:46 -0400
In my new shop, I have lots of broken, single paned windows.  I wanted to
replace them with something better.  I started with glass block.  My buddy
has a bunch of 12" blocks that I can get cheap ($4 a block).  But with the
amount of windows (none of which are easily divisible by 1 foot)  I am
looking for alternatives.

First off, I'm in love with glass block.  I love the security, insulation,
light, and privacy they offer.  Plus, no maintenance once installed.  But
I'll need over 200 blocks to be installed to do *SOME* of the windows (the
more important ones)

So, does anyone have any options (hopefully low cost) for redoing windows
(most are about 6'(L)X4'(H)) in a concrete block building? It needs to be
insulating (I have plumbing in there) and it should let in light.
Replacement widows of this size start at about $250 EACH and go up from

Does anyone know a good way to "take up" about 3" to 4" of space while
installing glass block?  Wood?



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