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Re: Storage of equipment

To: Mike Rambour <>,
Subject: Re: Storage of equipment
From: Eric J Petrevich/LRM<>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 00:44:05 -0500
Mike, the deal with plastic wrap is that moisture must have  away OUT. 
Typically, if you are going to do this, leave space around the equipment 
and the bottom should be open.  You can get big bags of Silage to put in 
there and wick away the water vapor.  DO NOT COMPLETELY WRAP THEM UP!!! 
They WILL rust if you do that.
I'd make a 2x4 frame and make it easy to lift off.


Mike Rambour <> on 03/28/2000 02:34:08 PM
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Storage of equipment

   As I have acquired a new car my garage is no longer big enough for all 
my toys.  I had to move my Delta Unisaw and shaper and drill press outside 
of the garage.  I put them in a space next to the garage that has a 
fibreglass roof and nice strong locked wooden gate at the driveway 
end.  But that gate is by no means airtight.  And the other end into my 
backyard is just a chain link gate.  How do I prevent these great tools 
from rusting ?

   For now I just waxed the daylights out of the surface and covered them 
table tops with 30wt motor oil (its what I had handy).  I was thinking I 
should grease them instead or cosmolene (if I can find that stuff) but it 
wont help all the nuts/bolts/misc small parts on the tools.   My wife 
suggested wrapping them in plastic and spraying oil into the plastic...any 
better ideas ?  These tools are there for quite a while, probably years but 

I would like to be able to use them once in a while.  My cars are wood 
framed after all and I still do like to build things, something that 
protects them and yet is easily cleaned is the fantasy.

    Any suggestions ?


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