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Re: [racing] you guys are smart one of you knows this?

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Subject: Re: [racing] you guys are smart one of you knows this?
From: "B. Vibert" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 01:18:54 -0500

The laser is only a pointer, it's actually looking at the infra-red energy
Different materials also have different emissivity and a correction factor must
be used.  Shiny rotors are one of these materials that can throw them off so
don't expect too much accuracy there.  Check them with your regular pyrometer
as well as the Raytek and see what the correction factor will be.
The Raytek MiniTemp is actually set for the e-EMISSIVITY or rubber so it should
be fairly accurate there.

Burl Vibert
Kingston, Ontario

Eric Salem wrote:
> I got a cool little Raytek MiniTemp pyrometer. A battery opperated device
> that reads the tempurature of what it's laser pointer is shot at. (for short
> distances.)
> I bought it for tire and rotor temps after SoloII stuff.
> How does it work? For stuff around the house it shows the same temps as my
> Radio Shack pyrometer that actually touches what it meassures.
> Wondering,
> e
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