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Big Day in Seattle

To: "virtual vairs" <>,
Subject: Big Day in Seattle
From: "Steve Hammatt" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 20:09:03 -0800
Getting ready for the BIG DAY!  
My wife Phyllis and I have been invited to watch the 
implosion of the Seattle Kingdome tomorrow (Sunday) 
morning from the safety of the Smith Tower, many 
stories above the city streets.  The Smith Tower 
is located on the very edge of the total exclusion zone 
and if all goes well, a series of 5,000 blasts will cause 
the Kingdome's 443 tons of structural steel and 52,800 
cubic yards of concrete to come tumbling down while 
leaving us watching in the Smith Tower with memories.  

The Smith Tower was the tallest building west of the 
Mississippi when it was built in 1914.  It has just undergone 
a complete refurbishment and is 'totally awesome' from its 
marble lobbies to its glass and brass elevators still operated 
by elegantly dressed operators.  To learn more about the 
Smith Tower, go to these sites: 

The King Dome implosion is planned for 8:30am PST 
(11:30am EST).  You can watch it live on The Learning Channel 
or any number of other TV outlets, including ESPN.  You can 
also watch it live on the internet by going to:


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