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Re: Welding

Subject: Re: Welding
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:01:18 EST
>I think you have already gotten a lot of good advice.  If you are in a
>hurry to produce or repair something, then just get the best quality
>American made 110 volt MIG welding setup you can find

A little how-to for using a torch; in order to get good welds w/ a oxy-acet 
rig, you need a neutral flame, and the easiest way to do this is to have acet 
burning, then adjust the oxygen on until you get a single blue cone (starts 
out w/ two cones) in the middle of the flame. (if you go too far, it turns a 
paler blue) you may need to change tip sizes if you need more or less heat 
(if it's making a roaring sound, go bigger, if it pops and goes out, use a 
smaller tip)  I learned this from a neighbor that did and does 
bodywork.(about 22 years ago)

And I love autodarkening shades for arc/mig welding!

>If you really want to learn, then you can recapitulate the history of
>welding, starting with oxyactetylene.  If you can run decent beads
>while gas welding butt joints and T-joints and have learned how to
>cope with heat distortion<snip>

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