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Subject: RE: Shop inspection
From: Mark Miller <>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:45:11 -0800
The key is how much 'quite a bit' is.  I paid under $400 for a home
inspection last year and it was pretty thorough.  If that is how much extra
you would have to pay for the shop inspection then I would highly recommend
it, especially if you can get the PO to pick up for any/all
safety/code/problem issues.  If it is $5,000 then probably not, as you could
fix quite a bit for that.

You want to check that which has the likelihood of problems: roof,
foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC. Whether or not you have them inspect
the property you might ask them first for a checklist of what they would

Mark Miller

once again, with big shop envy [my entire PROPERTY (45 x 100) is the same
size as your shop.  Waah.]

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> Subject:      Shop inspection
> Well, I guess the Gods are smiling down on me. After a long search for a 
> new
> home, I found one that meets all my needs.   I'm out of attorney review on
> the
> property.  Besides a house and a guest house, the property has a HUGE 
> 30'x150'
> shop.
> Now, I'm paying quite a bit to have the home inspection done that is very
> comprehensive.  Here is the question.  Is it worth the extra money to have
> the
> shop inspected? (it's alot extra)
> The shop is cinder block construction.  It's heated and air conditioned
> and 
> it
> has a bathroom and plumbing.  I am definitely going to test to see where 
> the
> septic is, but I wasn't planning on having them do to much else.
> Is there a check list on what I could look for if I do my own home 
> inspection?
> Should I pay the extra money for the extra building?
> I'm more than competent that I can fix most problems, but is it better to 
> have
> them find out the problem(s)?
> Also note, there is a "home warranty" on the place so I can get things fix
> for
> up to a year later for free.
> Thanks
> inch

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