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Re: natural gas fueled generators

Subject: Re: natural gas fueled generators
From: Richard George <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 20:01:31 -0800

Contact any place that specializes in "propane and propane accessories" -
a lot of them deal in conversions and can probably point you to somebody
to talk to (just beware that the WILL NOT just sell you the parts - there is
this whole mystique around natural gas/propane fired stuff...) - you might
also call your local gas company for the same advice (they LOVE
new customers...). Could it be that it's supposed to be powered on propane?
(they have different flow rates, and the motor might well be running on
the wrong fuel...).

There are a bunch of websites out there on this stuff - you can usually
hit up any of the major "wacko" Y2K sites to get started (and those are pretty
entertaining to boot....) wrote:

> I've got a surplus military generator that has been converted to natural
> gas fuel...
> I'ts getting very hard to start.....  once it's running it's fine, but i
> can run a battery down
> sometimes trying to get it started
> The 'carbuerator' looks like a simple flange with an adjusting 'needle
> valve' ???
> Nothing complicated...  but until I get some advise I'm not messing with
> it.  The bandit who sold me
> the unit won't return my calls and is very hard to find...and a liar to
> boot.... but that's another problem...
> Any suggestions on the problem, tuning, adjusting, someone to call,,, web
> sites ???
> Surely  YOU guys know the answer
> john

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