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HVLP to spray latex?

Subject: HVLP to spray latex?
From: (Chris Kantarjiev)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:31:38 -0700
I've just bought a cheapy HVLP "conversion gun" (gravity fed,
compressor run) and the first job I intend to use it on is painting the
beams of my under-construction garage (with semi-gloss latex paint).

Unfortunately, the gun didn't come with any detailed instructions about
how much to thin different kinds of materials ... anyone have
experience? I'm talking specifics here, using a drip cup to determine

The paint cans I've looked at all say "see the gun instructions for
details when spraying HVLP"...

I've poked at various websites with no luck. Except that I've found a
few that claim that it will take forever to spray latex with an HVLP
gun, and I really should be using an airless unit... :-(


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