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Re: refurbished chain saw

To: "Gerald J. Brazil" <>
Subject: Re: refurbished chain saw
From: Eric Murray <>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 17:26:44 -0700
On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 08:58:56PM -0400, Gerald J. Brazil wrote:
> I bought a factory reconditioned McCullough from Harbor Freight once. The
> price was ridiculously low and I expected to get something that had been
> used by the US Forest Service for a few years. Instead, I got a unit that I
> couldn't tell from new. I imagine Northern's deal would be just as good.

I got a reconditioned Homelite from Harbor Freight, and the oiler
was broken, making the saw pretty much useless.

Actually, I managed to use it to cut down a small tree, by stopping
every so often and using an oil can to squirt some oil onto the chain.

OTOH, I got a reconditioned Ryobi string trimmer from HF and it
worked fine.

With chainsaws, you do get what you pay for- a good Stihl might cost
2x the reconditioned el cheapo, but if you use it a lot, its
better reliabilty and peformance will be worth the price.

Eric Murray  ericm at the site  PGP keyid:E03F65E5

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