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Gasket Sealer

Subject: Gasket Sealer
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 22:33:02 -0500
I want to thank all those who gave me input regarding gasket sealer for a
chain case. I stopped off at a motorcycle shop and picked the Hondas'
equivalent  of Yammabond . I was very pleased with the way it goes on as
it is of a much thinner viscosity than all the other stuff I have ever
used.  It tends to flow and self level just prior to   skinning over .
Makes for easy coverage with real good control to prevent excess from
running into the case . 

Of course I haven't  put oil into the case yet so it may go on easy and
not hold oil worth at damn. So stay tune for a possible retraction if
this endorsement .
Again thanks for the suggestions 

Bob Nogeira   

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