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Re: point of clairity

To: Eric J Petrevich/LRM <>
Subject: Re: point of clairity
From: George Columbo <gcolumbo@Prodigy.Net>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:01:59 -0700
I, too, would be interested in this answer.


Eric J Petrevich/LRM wrote:

> OK, now that we have someone here from a magazine, I've got a couple of
> questions about copyrights.
> First off, this is NOT a flame at all, it's just a couple of questions
> about the law.
> I've always thought that I can not reproduce any writing material ONLY if I
> was either claiming it as mine own OR if I was making money with it.  It
> was my understanding that as long as I gave credit to the author (and
> publisher) that I wasn't breaking any laws.
> So, if I read a magazine and give it to a friend, am I breaking the law?
> What about if I post the info on a web page, am I breaking the law (a FREE
> web page)
> What about if I use the info in a school report?
> Quite frankly, I'm more confused now.  FWIW, I have lots of material on my
> web page (I also have the shop-talk  file archives among others)  and if
> the stuff is not legal for me to have there, I'll remove it.  My intention
> is just to share info (what the internet was created for) not to steal
> others work.
> Inch

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