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Re: ceiling material&safety wire

Subject: Re: ceiling material&safety wire
From: Marc Sayer <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:57:50 -0700
Steve Budde wrote:
> I can't help with the ceiling material but there is an article with pictures
> about safety wiring in the August issue of Circle Track magazine.  If you
> can't find it let me know and I will scan the article for anyone that wants
> it.
> Steve Budde

As a publisher of a magazine I obviously have a bias on this, but I just
had to say somehting about this. What you are offering to do is flat out
illegal. The magazine pays to create and produce these stories (oh boy
do we pay) and they own the rights to them. Offering to copy an article
and give it to someone else is a violation of the publisher's rights to
their property. While it may seem a small thing, this is the sort of
thing that costs everyone. If people want that article it means that the
magazine publisher is doing a good job and producing articles that
people want or need. Rather than pay them back for their good work by
ripping them off, we should be paying them back by *buying* their
product. No one here would like it if someone walked in off the street
and borrowed your tools without permission, but that is exactly the same
thing as someone offering copies (free or otherwise) of someone's
magazine story. It is no different than offering to go to a newsstand
and steal a copy of the magazine for someone. If the magazine is old and
no longer obtainable, that is a different story, but when it is
available for purchase, people should purchase it not steal it. I
realize that no harm was intended by this offer, and that it was done
wiht the best of intentions. It's just that this sort of disregard for
property rights has become all too prevalent nowadays and I felt the
need to point out that it was not such a good thing to offer to do. No
flame of the original poster intened. 

Just my .02
Marc Sayer
Z Car & Classic Datsun Magazine
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