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Re: Hobart welder

To: Art Pfenninger <>,
Subject: Re: Hobart welder
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 12:59:25 -0500

I purchased a reconditioned Hobart Handler from a welding supply business
here in B'ham.  It was a rental unit that was taken out of service... got
it for $300.00.   Does a good job on anything from truck cab type
sheetmetal up to 3/16 with no problem...1/4 and above with multiple passes.
I think its a 100 or 130 amp rig in a high impact plastic case.  Looks like
a heavy duty industrial strength samsonite 3 suiter.  Think the gun is a
Tweco....  This is a commercial duty rig with a higher duty cycle than most
hobby rigs.... the price sounds pretty good for a new unit...  I'd check
with a few local welding supply houses about rental units for sale also...
I've only run one spool of wire thru mine but  I'm very pleased with mine.
My Hobart stick machine sits a lot now.


Art Pfenninger <> on 07/28/99 12:04:25 PM

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Subject:  Hobart welder

HarborFreight has the Hobart Handler mig welder on sale until Sunday for
$499.99. This is the 115volt model. Does anyone have any knowledge good or
bad? I've thought about the Weld Pac for $365 or there abouts but the
Hobart comes complete and I am guessing that it is a better welder.

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