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Re: important Y2K information

Subject: Re: important Y2K information
From: "William C.W. Lamb" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:54:41 -0400
My '92 Memorex Model 35 recognized 1-1-00 as a Saturday, which it is. Let's
hear it for Panasonic/Matsushita!

At 14:12 20.07.99 -0500, wrote:
>for those of us with older VCRs that have a year included in the date.
>There is a good probability that it isn't Y2K compliant.
>Those really good salesmen in the appliance/electronic stores will want you
>to 'upgrade' (as in their comission) to a Y2K compliant unit.
>Save the money....set the year to 1972... the days are the same as 2000.
>And out of gratitude, you can send 1/2 the money you saved to me.

William "Chip" Lamb
West of Sweden SAAB
Charles City, VA.

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