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Re: Tire changer at Harbor Freight

To: Randall Young <>
Subject: Re: Tire changer at Harbor Freight
From: (Roland Wilhelmy)
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 23:45:28 GMT
On Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:22:16 -0700, you wrote:

:: Has anyone tried the 'portable' tire changer currently on sale ($45) at 
:Harbor Freight ?
:: I'm sure it's a piece of junk compared to a professional unit, but what I 
:want to know is : can you change a tire with it ?

Yes.  I have used it on tube type wire wheels, 15", and 165 x 15
tires.  It will break the bead seal quite easily and well.  Getting
the tire off the rim, and back on again was tougher but beats  using
tire (tyre) irons by a long shot.  I had to make up an "adapter" to
hold the wire wheel on the changer -- a piece of 1/4" steel with a
hole in it --  basically a washer to clamp the wheel hub and hold it
tight.  Mine is not bolted to the floor, just to an assembly of 2 by
6s and a piece of scrap plywood that I stand on.  I knock it down and
put it away when I am not using it.  Mine has paid for itself in time
and money saved.


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