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Re: captive nut ?? or something

To: <>
Subject: Re: captive nut ?? or something
From: "Rex Burkheimer" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 09:25:29 -0500
I think I'd look at look at welding long bolts onto the square tubing. On
the bottom side, consider using a matching piece of square tubing on each
side, or at least u-channel. Flat washers and nylock nuts and your seat
would be very secure.
    Are you isntalling seatbelts as well? If so, you should look at the
whole under-body as a unit, perhaps extending the tubing back to a
crossmember and establishing seat-belt corners.
>I'm in the process of installing the seats in my 53 F-100  I've bolted the
>bench seat to 2" square tubing and am looking for a good way to bolt these
>to the 11gauge floorboards with two criteria.
>#1 they have the strength to stay put in the event of an accident and
>#2  The bolts can be threaded into the nut as a one handed operation....
>Short of welding nuts to the floorboard (not my first choice) anyone have
>any suggestions ???   I've thought about some type of captive nut or insert
>that I could put in the tubing or in the floorboard but wonder about the

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