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Re: TV cameras in the weirdest places...

To: "Phil Ethier" <>, "John Miller" <>,
Subject: Re: TV cameras in the weirdest places...
From: "Phil Ethier" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 22:11:38 -0500
I wrote:

>We have these records back to when
>the sewers were built in the late 1900s.

That is of course the late 1800s.  I was choosing between "1800s" and
"nineteenth century" and Oldtimers took over.

Onward to the Millennium!  And I refuse to get dragged into the pointless
argument about when the Millennium begins.  Either way, the big party will
be when the calendar flips over to zeros.

Phil Ethier    Saint Paul  Minnesota  USA
Lotus Europa, VW Quantum Syncro, Chev Suburban

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