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Re: Air Comps. and connections

To: Mike Rambour <>
Subject: Re: Air Comps. and connections
From: Bob Bachman <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 18:32:31 -0800

I used a 5' piece of 1/2" id high pressure hose and barbed fitting with
hose clamps between the compressor and the line. The quick disconnect
will cause an unnecessary restriction in the line. The hose also acts as
a vibration isolator.

Bob Bachman 

Mike Rambour wrote:
>   Hi, I am setting up my new compressor and trying to use a union this time
> between the comp. and line(3/4in. Black Iron Pipe) so I dont have a bunch of
> leaks connected together by some pipe, like my old system.
>  Anyway, the union has allowed me to tighten all the piping together and
> solve all the leaks but the union leaks.  Has anyone ever used a quick
> disconnect at the compressor, to a short 6" hose then to the pipe ?  Quick
> disconnects seem to be the perfect answer, I found one at a store here with
> a 5/8" inside diameter and could put that on the compressor and short hose.
> Then it would be easy to connect and remove.  Of course, the last time I
> removed the connection on my old compressor was 14 years ago and this one
> should be just as long so maybe a simple union is best, but the darn thing
> leaks...
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