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Re: Flash Points

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Subject: Re: Flash Points
From: "Con P. Seitl" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:22:34 -0800
Lin, Gary wrote:
> Along with George's inquiry, I'm curious.  Since my father taught me as
> a kid to use paint thinner (mineral spirits), I have been satisfied with
> it for general degreasing and such.  It is relatively cheap and
> obtainable, residue free, doesn't stink, and evaporates slowly.  How
> does it compare to kerosene?  Diesel?  I am familiar with varsol, but
> find mineral spirits just as convenient.
> Gary Lin
> >>>
> > Since it seems that we've resurrected the solvent thread, does anyone
> > have a
> > comparison table of the flash points for various solvents: Varsol,
> > kerosene,
> > paint thinner, etc.?
> >
> > George Gorman
> > '61 TBird (slowly emerging out of boxes)
> >

Hi all;  I'm new to this list. Thought I'd subscribe and see what all 
goes on in here! 
       I've been trying to find out the difference between varsol and 
paint thinner. In the Canadian Tire store, both chemicals come from the 
same manufacturer, same packaging, and almost smell the same. I use 
varsol in my parts washer and it takes about 15 4ltr jugs to fill it. The 
thinner comes alot cheaper, so I was wondering if I could use it instead 
of varsol. Is it safer to use, effects on the hands ? Does it clean as 
good or better? How about the fumes it creates as it's pumped through the 
pump and nozzle?


Con Seitl
1973 III 88 "Pig" Land Rover
--- and too many others in different stages of life----

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