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Re: 110v Welding

Subject: Re: 110v Welding
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 00:48:30 -0400
 with the recent/ongoing thread on  welders on the list I thought I,d weigh
in a little.
 I have a Lincoln SP100 with gas and can say it is a fine product,In working
 with a professional welder  friend  recently he offered this bit of
information on using a 110 volt machine that I thought others might find
useful,  it is important to keep the wire a short distance from the tip, 1/4
to 3/8 inch at most when welding or the  resulting power loss will severely
limit the penetration and ultimate quality of the weld.  Also carry a wire
cutter at all times while welding to cut off the wire if it arcs red, gets
burnt looking, or gets a blob on it, this  helps to get the best weld
possible at all times.
I'm no expert but  seems to help alot.

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