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Re: seeking Skil wrench

To: Bob Sykes <>,
Subject: Re: seeking Skil wrench
From: "T. Stiles" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 01:44:01 -0700
At 12:45 PM 4/27/96 EDT, Bob Sykes wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have a rechargeable ratchet wrench manufactured by
>the Skil company.  It was a present several years ago.
>I like it very much and have been trying unsucessfully
>to find another.  All the local stores that carry
>Skil tools have either never heard of this or just tell
>me that they are unavailable now.
>Does anyone know where I might get one of these?
>Thanks in advance,
>Bob Sykes   -  - -     __,@_\____    
>'78 Spitfires -  --    }-0-----0->     

I've got one of these too.  Don't use it much fact I don't
know where it is now. But I did like it.  I think I'll look for it tomorrow
now that you've reminded me!  

I would suggest getting the 800 number or address from a new Skil box and
contacting them.  There's a good chance you can still get one from them.

Tim Stiles

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