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Re: Air compressors

Subject: Re: Air compressors
From: Eric Murray <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 09:44:08 -0700 (PDT) writes:
> As an aside, one of the most frequent mistakes I make when buying tools is
> trying to "save money" by buying a lower capacity or rated unit.
> Consequently, I end up two that I use and the cheap one that
> sits in a box in the corner of the garage.  
> Anyone want to buy some junk air tools?

One thing I have noticed is that really cheap air tools need
significantly more air than the better quality units.

I have a 2hp air compressor that's been acceptable for my use
(motorcycle restoration).  When sandblasting the compressor
is on constantly and I'm only getting about 65psi.  Other than that
it's ok- my paint gun is a small 'touch up' type and most tools
that I use are run intermittently, so the compressor gets time to
catch up.  I'd have gotten a slightly larger unit had I known how
hard I'd be running this one.

While shopping for windows at Home Deopt yesterday I scoped out
copper pipe fittings for making air lines in the garage of
the house we're buying.  The hard copper pipe and fittings
doesn't come in anything smaller than 3/4".  When you're making
an air system from copper pipe do you just use 3/4" -> 1/2"
reducers and 1/2" air couplers?

What sort of heat exchanger/water trap should I build?
Would a simple coil of soft copper tubing with a tee and tap at
the lowest point to let the collected water flow out of
the way and get drained be sufficient?  Is soft copper tubing
acceptable for air line use?

I was thinking to build a sound box around the compressor in the
garage so that it's not quite so annoying when it comes on.  Of
course I'll have to leave the ends open to let air flow through
and that'll let a lot of the noise out.

It'll be at least a couple months before I get to actually do all
this, so I'm a bit ahead of myself here.  But at least it gives
me something to daydream about during boring meetings.

Eric Murray
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