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Re: [Mg-t] MG TD oil leak

Subject: Re: [Mg-t] MG TD oil leak
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:53:28 -0400
   Have you checked that all pan bolts are snug?  They have been known to
loosen, since we are all so careful to avoid over-tightening. Drips from
a leaking horizontal oil filter can blow back to the rear plate when
driving, giving the impression that it's the pan or the rear seal at
fault.  A pin-hole leak in flex line to the oil gauge can blow out a
surprising amount of oil too, and the leak is difficult to see as it's
the size of a thread of spider web. One club member's engine made
impressive puddles until we found at his shop had omitted copper washer
on the block side of the banjo connection. 
   Changing oil shouldn't matter much. 30w when hot is probably a bit
thinner than 20-50 when hot, but it's not viscosity of the oil that is
cause of the leaking. 
   Until you figure it out, a drip pan with kitty litter may be helpful.
Those sold as trays for shoes and boots will fit between TD wheels, as
will some of the pans sold at pet stores for rabbit cages. 
On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 19:45:57 -0500 Mike Duvall <>
> My MG TD had the typical drip when you shut if off but recently the  
> puddle has grown quite large.   It is dripping when I drive and it  
> rolls out pretty good when you shut it off resulting in an 18" spill   
> underneath after the puddle soaks in.   I am somewhat concerned that   
> it suddenly is leaking more than before. 
> Should I be using 30 weight oil instead of a multiweight?  Could  
> lightweight oil drip worse than thicker oil?  What would cause a  
> change?  There is a pretty good layer of gray form-a-gasket on the   
> pan with only a few thousand miles since a rebuild.
> Any suggestions?

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